In Welcoming A New Day

maman teacher’s pet, originally uploaded by [estacado]


Without boring anyone with too much details, this is what this website is about and what I intend to do with it, in 7 short points:

  1. It’s a tribute/fansite for Maman Teacher’s Pet, not his official website.  If you want to leave him messages or correspond with him directly, well, Maman is on facebook. If you have a facebook account too, add Maman as your friend here and post messages on his walls directly.
  2. As much as possible the posts will be bilingual i.e. in English and Bahasa Malaysia. I know that’s going to be tough but trying is always the preferred alternative to just sitting back and say, I can’t.
  3. Roughly it will be divided into 4 sections, these may change though coz experience taught me that blogs grow in whatever direction they want to grow and can become something completely different than what I intended them to be. Anyway, the 4 sections:
    • Words: Transliterations and interpretation of Maman’s songs.
    • Pictures: Album covers, photos, candids, scanned clippings etc.
    • Videos: Self-explanatory
    • Covers: Maman’s songs done by other people
  4. Like my Mr Children Fansite, as much as possible this blog will avoid duplicating what other sites are doing.
  5. This will be a community site, meaning, if you would like contribute articles/photos/cover songs etc, or if you would like to help growing it, pop me an email at or just leave your comment in the comment box. I’d be happy to grant you author status so that you can have a hand at this.
  6. We don’t play tags in here 🙂
  7. I accepts requests and questions. If there is something that you want to know, ask.

It’s only been hour 1 of day one in the life of this blog. More stuff soon.



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