Resource: Celcom Caller Ringtones from Metamobile

Fancy some Maman caller ringtones? Get them here at Metamobile, available via Celcom. Ringtones list:

  1. Memang Tak Boleh Harap
  2. Kasih
  3. Demam Demam Bola
  4. Keluhan Rasa
  5. Belai
  6. Kau Tertunggu Aku (Kau Kantoi Aku)
  7. Selamat Ulang Tahun
  8. Selamat Ulang Tahun (Kekasih)
  9. Selamatkan Dunia
  10. Iltizam
  11. Maria
  12. Ku Tertunggu (Kau Buih Aku)

Caller ringtones is what your caller will hear while s/he waits for you to pick up the phone. Appropriate charges apply, rates vary depending on your service provider.


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