Photos: Live at Tukar Ganti Exhibition

Maman and Hamir with 'Pura-pura'

Maman and Hamir with 'Pura-Pura'

Performing at the opening of Tukar Ganti exhibition in Oct 2008 hosted by the Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore. Blurb about Hamir’s ‘Pura-Pura’:

In Hamir’s monumental painting entitled ‘Pura-Pura’ (‘Pretending’), which is a play on the Malay word kura-kura (tortoise), depicts a frontal portrait of a tortoise rearing its head out from its shell.

The work, redolent with Hamir’s subtle yet biting trademark satire, alludes to the political retardation and pretensions of the country’s leadership. More importantly, Hamir utilises his experiences and skills as a set designer for theatre productions in his painting by working with such scale, allowing viewers to examine the surface effect and the plastic, or form giving, potential of bitumen as a medium.




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