Translation: Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu

Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu
Some Day Some Time

You’re the perfumed incense
You’re the love that shines
While I am still dreaming
Still searching for reality

Would it be possible for us to be together
Some day some time
I want to make all  your  dreams come true*
My promises aren’t just words
This melody I wrote
Was not meant to make you cry
or to make you sad
Hopefully some day

Though time ebbs and flows
Day after day
My  journey will not end
Lost at sea
Meanings locked deep inside
No matter where I’d be
You’ll be here in my heart.

IA’s Notes: *the line “Ingin ku bina istana untukmu” literally  means I want to build you a palace, which is a colloquial expression used the describe wanting to achieve the impossible, or making a grand gesture to make the recipient happy. I transliterate it into “making all your dreams come true”, which works better in the context of the song.

Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu

Kau kasturi wangi
Kau kasih penyeri
Sedang aku masih bermimpi
Masih lagi mencari realiti

Dapatkah kiranya kita bersatu
Di suatu hari, di suatu waktu
Ingin ku bina istana untukmu*
Janji-janji ku bukan penghias kata
Bukan ku cipta melodi ini
Untuk kau menangis
Untuk kau bersedih
Moga di suatu hari

Walau waktu berubah
Silih berganti
Akan aku teruskan perjalanan ini
Hanyut di pelayaran mengunci erti
Walaupun dimana kau tetap di hati


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