MP3: Warisan Wanita Terakhir & Kasih Kupinjam Wajahmu

Update 11:49pm 22/12/2008: The songs are now available in MP3 format. Please click the downloads tab above.


Maman has given permission to post the MP3s for Warisan Wanita Terakhir and Kasih Kupinjam Wajahmu in this site (see my Disclaimer). So, look out for those two very soon (I’m rushing for time here but I promise it will be up before 12 midnite tonight – just before Cinderella’s carriage turned to normal pumpkin).

Thanks for the requests. I will try to fulfil as many as I can (provided permission is given by originator of course, I don’t want this site to be shut down due to copyright infringement or anything like that!). I have a few MP3s stripped from public ‘live’ shows which can be distributed and shared freely so keep a lookout for those as well.

As always, my inbox at is ready to receive your requests or questions. Til midnite then…


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