Gigs: Showcase on 18 Jan 2009


Thanks to all who came to the showcase. Those who didn’t, well, there’s always a next time.

It was a short one, we know, to give fans a sample of the upcoming album. Hopefully we will be able to plan a full gig in a venue optimised for acoustic performances in the future. If you have a gig in mind, drop us a note.

Some of those who came took videos and pictures of the showcase, which is great coz it’ll help us share the experience. Just small request though, can you withhold posting the video? We’d like  to post an official one with better audio quality for the benefit of those who could not make it. So, just hold on to that bootleg video first; or you can send them to me for archiving and it will be posted up when the time is right (p/s: I give appropriate credit and link back to originators for all works that doesn’t originate from Maman or myself).

As for photos or reviews, go crazy. You can post them  in the Maman Teacher’s Pet Facebook group (must join Facebook and become a member to do so), or if you would like me to put it here in the fansite, send them to me:

Thanks again, it was great seeing all of you and hope to see you again in future gigs. Do stop by and say hello to Maman next time 🙂




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