Article: Maman & Taqwa

An article by Adam b Md Yusop that appeared on Zee Harem of Possibilities blog. My thanks to Trompet Sangkakala for the link. Scroll below the original article to read the English version.

Jan 15, 2009

Barangkali ramai yang tertanya-tanya, apakah perkembangan terkini Maman, penyanyi yang bersuara lunak dari kumpulan Teacher’s Pet yang begitu popular dengan lagu hit ‘Warisan Wanita Terakhir’, ‘Layar Lara’ dan ‘Malas’.  Soalan Penulis terjawab, apabila bertemu beliau di Kampung Glam. Sambil menjamah nasi lemak dari kedai sarbat, Maman berkongsi  infomasi bersama penulis pada penemuan yang tidak dirancang itu.

“Taqwa”, itulah album solo Maman kali ini. Ia dipenuhi dengan lagu-lagu kerohanian dan ketuhanan yang mempunyai senikata yang amat mendalam. Adakah ini gimmick? Atau sekadar menyandang kepada trend yang terkini bagi seorang artis Pop yang ingin kembali di arena seni suara? “Saya merasakan satu kekosongan apabila menyiapkan sebuah album Pop Rock terbaru di KL, lantas saya meninggalkan itu semua dan terus pulang ke sini untuk menghasilkan sebuah album ‘spiritual’ untuk dihidangkan pada masyarakat.” Ujar Maman.

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Definition of Taqwa (via Wikipedia):  If one is walking through a forest where there are many thorns, one walks carefully so as not to get pricked or get one’s clothes torn.


Maybe a lot of people are asking, what is Maman up to these days, the powerful vocalist of the group Teacher’s Pet, hugely popular with hits like ‘Warisan Wanita Terakhir’, ‘Layar Lara’ and ‘Malas’. My question was answered when I bumped into him in Kampung Glam. Over a plate of nasi lemak, Maman shared his story in this impromptu interview.

“Taqwa”, that’s the title of Maman’s upcoming solo album. It’s a selection of contemplative songs about self-discovery and faith with deeply poignant lyrics. Is this a gimmick? Or merely following the current trend of pop artistes that are making a comeback into the entertainment industry?

“I felt an emptiness after I completed my latest pop rock album in KL, so I left it all behind and came back home to produce a spiritual album to share with everyone,” said Maman.

A meticulous arrangement by Al-Hafiz who is also the assistant producer, coupled with profound and mature lyrics made the album a deeply personal and touching work. Recorded and mixed at Studio 165, Maman stressed that this is not his attempt at singing nasyid songs.

It is also not something new in the world music fusion genre, but the earnestness of the album is commended for Maman bravely stepped forward to present songs like “Kedukaan Dalam Keriangan” “Kamar Hati” and “Titipan Illahi”. “My job is only to realise the concept of the songs, so that they reflect the self-harmony that’s contained within.” explained Al-Hafiz.

Also in the album is the track “Anugerah Cinta” (Warisan Wanita Terakhir 2), the continuation of the hit song Warisan Wanita Terakhir, written especially for fans of Teacher’s Pet.

I asked Maman whether people will doubt and question his new and bold appearance. Maman smiled and said, “My concept is 0-1. We’re just a zero, we will fall if we feel we are bigger than 1, and that’s the Almighty,”

Will Maman participate in AnugerahHItz this year? “This album is not up for any competition because the songs it contains were not written for that purpose. In fact I am satisfied if the messages that I am trying to share get through to others,” he added.

Maybe some will be offended by such statement, but for Maman, he doesn’t want to be untrue to himself. “It’s up to them. I feel it’s time for me to start doing music in a way that makes me feel at ease, without pressures from any parties,” he explained with a small smile that concealed a thousand hidden meanings.

The album that is produced by Zaq Fahmoa will be available soon and parts of the proceeds  from the sale of the album will be channeled to Madrasah Aljunied to help improve the curriculum quality  of the school and its other needs.

Written by Adam bin Md Yusop 


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