Article: Album Terbaru Maman, Membisik Kerohanian

This article was written by Salihin and also appeared in Berita Harian Singapore on 18 Jan 2009. As always, you can find the English translation below the original article.

Album Terbaru Maman, Membisik Kerohanian

18 Jan 2009

Lagu-lagu seperti Warisan Wanita Terakhir, Layar Lara, Kasih Ku Pinjam WajahMu, Cinta Kita, Di Wajahmu Ku Lihat Bulan dan Seringkali telah membawa Maman Teacher’s Pet ke satu taraf yang tinggi dalam persada seni. Untuk mengulangi dan mencapai ke tahap itu sekali lagi memanglah sukar.

Setelah album Eh…Keras Tu bersama kumpulan Teacher’s Pet dan kemudiannya album solo Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu, Maman telah mencipta banyak lagu untuk filem dan juga beberapa projek khas. Selain dari itu, Maman juga telah tampil sebagai pelakon di beberapa filem dan drama di Malaysia.

Kini sudah lebih dari sepuluh tahun Maman tidak merakamkan lagu untuk sebuah album penuh.

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What does taqwa mean?  Linguistically taqwa means protection and shield from what is harmful. The concept of taqwa is compared to a person going through a narrow path with thorns while he is trying to snatch his clothes in order to protect himself from any harm. In Arabic, clothing is  a metaphor for a person’s character and the thorns are a metaphor for the temptations in life, such as greed and wanting to get money from any source whether legitimate or illegitimate, or temptation towards illicit relationships.


Songs like Warisan Wanita Terakhir, Layar Lara, Kasih Ku Pinjam WajahMu, Cinta Kita, Di Wajahmu Ku Lihat Bulan and Seringkali brought Maman Teacher’s Pet to a pinnacle in the music industry. To repeat and reach that level once again is, undoubtedly, tough.

After the album Eh…Keras Tu with Teacher’s Pet and subsequently going solo with the album Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu, Maman has written many songs for films and special projects. Maman also has tried his hands at acting in a few films and dramas in Malaysia.

It has been more than ten years since Maman recorded a full album. Within that period, he was still actively writing and composing on top of performing in exclusive engagements in Malaysia and Singapore.

Til today, Maman is still remembered for his soundtrack work in films like Layar Lara and Perempuan Melayu Terakhir. Maman has also composed songs for a youth club and contributed his vocals for a Suria drama, Dian III.

As far as achievements are concerned, Maman was nominated as the Best Male Singer RTM (1996), Best New Group – Teacher’s Pet (1992) and Best Album AIM (1995).

During the ‘vacuum’ years, Maman was still writing and performing and was approached by various recording outfits to produce an album, but none of the offers were taken.

Songs for special project in Pahang included Suri Dewi Chinta and Selamatkan Dunia. These were specially recorded for Muzium Pekan Pahang together with illustrious producers from Indonesia and Malaysia, incorporating the sounds of the 300-year old gamelan Inderapura, which is now in the keeping of the museum. The song Suri Dewi Chinta was chosen as the title track for the album Inderapura. In recent times, Maman was also given the opportunity to work on the soundtrack for a big-budget film in Malaysia.

In the last two months, Maman has been working hard writing songs, specifically for his new album. This time, listeners and fans will hearing a different body of work.

The new album will be produced by Planet Spiritual. The producer Zag Fahmoa is known to produce several instrumental New Age and Worl Music albums.

The new album is composed and written almost entirely by Maman. Apart from the world music beat, his folk acoustic playing style and soulful vocals will surely attract listeners.

However, fans should not hope to hear commercial pop love songs in this album. Maman’s work this time are spirlitual and soul-searching. Many is expected to ask questions why Maman is changing his musical concept. The real answer lies within the lyrics that he wrote.

Maman, or his real name Rosman Bin Lamri, is now a lot more poetic and introspective when putting down his words to paper. The songs contained in this new album is Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2), Cahaya, Kamar Hati, Allahu Akbar, Insan, Titipan Ilahi, Kesyukuran, and Kedukaan dalam Keriangan.

After listening to Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2) and Titipan Ilahi, these two tracks are going to be fan-favourite alonh with Kamar Hati. It isn’t just the melody, the lyrics are haunting and touching.

In Titipan Illahi, Maman explores the love of a father to his child, and hopes the child will return the love to his parents. And in Kedukaan Dalam Keriangan, Maman talks about the journey that one goes through in life, reflecting our own journeys that we go through.

The album that will be released soon is expected to make one closer to the Creator, one’s family and children. To Maman, maybe this is one of the few things that he can do to prepare for the hereafter.


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