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Article: Taqwa Maman

A mention of Maman and the new album in Diva Interaktif’s gossip column in Kosmo!.

English transliteration below.


LAMA betul Diva tak dengar cerita pasal penyanyi Maman yang pernah menjadi vokalis Teacher’s Pet. Baru-baru ini teman Diva dapat berhubung dengannya dan nampaknya Maman sangat bersemangat bercerita tentang album barunya yang bertajuk Taqwa.

Cerita Maman, dia sudah selesai dengan album yang dipenuhi dengan lagu-lagu kerohanian dan ketuhanan yang mempunyai seni kata yang amat mendalam.

Lagu-lagu seperti Anugerah Cinta (Wanita Warisan Dua) dan Titipan Ilahi mempunyai makna yang begitu luas. Malah album ini sudah siap untuk diperdengarkan kepada peminat Maman di Malaysia. Read full article here: Taqwa Maman by Diva Interaktif.


It’s been a while since I heard anything about Maman who was once the vocalist for the group Teacher’s Pet. Recently my friend managed to get in touch with him and he seemed stoked to talk about his new album entitled Taqwa.

Said Maman he has completed the album that features soul searching songs that carry deep, meaningful lyrics.

Songs like Anugerah Cintan (Warisan Wanita Dua) and Titipan Ilahi have broad meanings. The album is ready to be presented to his fans in Malaysia.

Maman also asked if there are any distributors who would be interested in distributing his solo work. He said he sees this asĀ  a transition phase in his life : “I wanted to do this album because of Allah. Taqwa is complete. I wrote it for friends, family, God, my own soul etc.”

“And I want to find the best way to ensure if touches the hearts of Muslims who want to listen to it.”

IA’s note: If you are interested to distribute the album, please write to Maman at The link to this website was given in the article but Maman doesn’t manage this site, I do. So the fastest way to reach him is to write to him directly. More contact details can be found on top of this page, just click on the tab that says CONTACT.


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