MP3: Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2)

Update: Thanks everyone but the download has expired. In less than 48hrs, the 100 download maximum has been reached.  Due to overwhelming requests since we will not be distributing the MP3 again, I am putting a lo-fi youtube video in here as streaming via imeem or others takes too much bandwidth. It is not much, but enough to tide you over until you get your hands on Hijrah or til the official pv comes out.  Leave a comment below if you like this.


In conjunction with the release of Hijrah, Maman is giving away the MP3 for Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2) especially for fans outside SG who have not had the opportunity to listen to the single.

Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2)  is available for 7 (seven) days only starting today 05.04.09 or for the first 100 downloads, whichever comes first. In return, we would like to ask you to leave your comments or thoughts on the song, the album or on Maman, request for shows etc in the comment box below.  And if you like Anugerah Cinta, please consider getting the full album (SGD20/RM48) and write to for details. As of this moment, Hijrah is only available in SG or by special order. Hopefully later we will be able to set-up an online store or digital downloads.
Click on  Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2) for the download link. Enjoy.
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9 responses to “MP3: Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2)

  1. Sugarbaby Eqin

    Yay m i the 1st 2 dwnld! hehehe.. i lurv dis songgggggggggg!!! ur voice nvr fails 2 capture ma heart since i was small tym lagu warisan wanita!! dis song is veri touching.. soo suuweet! =) i lyk..its difren frm warisan wanita of course. but its utterly uniq! all the best!

  2. yuhana

    lurvveee it! its sooo “maman” 🙂

  3. Asyiqin

    I have fallen in love with the song…….

  4. fuzz

    i love it too. to no surprise, the song is very sincere; which to me is a typical maman thing. it’s very pleasing to know that he’s back. can’t wait to listen to the new album. 🙂

  5. feeras

    at last..gua da dgr lagu robek lu..mmg bole robek jiwa..gua dpt rase kan lu nyanyi seikhlas hati…dis song is all about islam..u delivered well..congrats..if bole gua nk dgr lagu2 unreleased like keluhan rasa,slamatkan dunia, warna kasih and all song yg lu ckp dlu kt neo..album 10 tahun terpisah..but dlm jiwa gua ttap seringkali ;p..terbaik…

  6. riny

    fell in love with the song! terubat rindu after so long. Thks for giving me d chance to listen to it!

  7. iskandar

    wow, makin matang… makin mantap… a song worth to save in my memory… wa nak beli album lu tapi gaji bulan ni dah habis… ughhhh~~~~!!!


    selamat maju jaya.~!!

  8. Mary

    Maman.. You are The “ROCK STAR”!!

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