Album: Hijrah Tracklisting, Liner Notes and Cover Art

Cover art by Azrin Abdullah:



Back cover:



CD inlays:





  1. Anugerah Cinta (Warisan Wanita 2)
  2. Kedukaan Dalam Keriangan
  3. Kerinduan
  4. Syahadatain
  5. Cahaya
  6. Kamar (Hati)
  7. Titipan Ilahi
  8. Allahu Akbar
  9. Ruh Alam Semesta
  10. Perjalananku


  1. Acoustic Guitar : Maman
  2. Guitar solo / Gambus / Bass : Azrin
  3. Flute / Piano / Keyboards: Alhafiz
  4. Percussions : Wan Ramli / Fattah
  5. Voice : Annis Razali in ‘Ruh Alam Semesta’
  6. Backup Vocals in ‘Syahadatain’: Amalia, Hafsah, Zuriati Zulfa, Nur Rudhatish and Nur Rasyidah.

All songs are fully written, performed, arranged and co-produced by Maman.

Executive Producer: Planet Spiritual

(p) Planet Spirittual; (c) Maman Music Publishing

For further info, please contact Planet Spiritual at Tel: +65 6344 8770


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