Video: Seringkali

Taken from the Maman at Ladies at Lepaq gig on 29 May 2009. You can see more videos by subscribing to Maman’s YouTube channel, the link is provided on the right hand side of the screen.

Below, Maman’s note that comes with the video:



IA’s Note: If you would like to save this video (in Flash Movie format), I’d suggest you download and install the free version of RealPlayer (at the link, choose BASIC RealPlayer, not RealPlayer Plus)  Once you do, the top right hand corner of the video will automatically show a “Download This” button (see example below). You will be able to download all Flash Movies using it (not necessarily from YouTube but also from other sources such as Metacafe and Google Video). There are other players that you can use, but I trust and use RealPlayer coz it is stable and doesn’t contain any malicious spyware and any of those  bad things that could harm your computer.

Screenshot of "Download This" button using basic Realplayer

Screenshot of "Download This" button using basic Realplayer


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One response to “Video: Seringkali

  1. I loved all ur songs.. i think u’re d malaysian’s
    ERIC MARTIN … hihihi

    keep in touch GBU 🙂

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