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Photo: Maman At Ladies @ Lepaq Pt III

My thanks to Azuri-san of Click*Syndicate for the photos.


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Photo: Maman At Ladies @ Lepaq Pt II

This set is from Riny’s personal album. And yes that was me with Riny’s daughter Nadine. The bald guy is Atraz, owner of Lepaq.

For other sets of photos, click Photo: Maman At Ladies @ Lepaq

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Photo: Maman At Ladies @ Lepaq

Photos below courtesy of  Tiyooon @ Recollections Digital Photography. Click on the individual pics for larger images. If  you have pics or videos that you want to share from that night, please feel free to give me or Feeras a shoutout.


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Photo: Practice Run at Lepaq Cafe

Photo courtesy of Luca D’Jiwa @ 27 May 2009 at LepaQ. Click on individual photos for the enlarged version.

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Photo: Signing ‘Hijrah’

Maman signing copies of  ‘Hijrah’  for fans in Malaysia that placed initial order of the album.

Location: Modesto’s, Vivo City, 05.04.2009. 

Photo courtesy: Ina Amran


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Album + Photo: Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu

Pics courtesy from Tiyoon Zikri, whom together with this wife Fara, own 3 copies of perfectly in mint condition Di Suatu Hari di Suatu Waktu cassettes. 3!!! They have all his albums, including the Tribute to Led Zeppelin.

Visit Tiyoon’s flickr here: Recollectune.

Thanks guys!








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Photo: Maman on the cover of Manja July 2008

I took this from Saniboey’s blog. He is the former editor of Manja Singapura.

manja_albumAbout this cover, this is what he said:

ni saat aku baru sampai di Singapore for MANJA. Kalau tak silap aku, kecuali Rima Melati Adams, ini adalah kali pertama Addy Cradle dan Maman yang aku kenal dah dekat 15 tahun dulu jadi cover. Man Toyak pun aku kenal lama dah tapi tak pernah jadi cover. They are among the talented people in Singapore sekarang ini tetapi jarang cerita tentang diorang disiarkan sebab apa entahlah. Maman, Man, Addy and Rima…I salute you guys. Read the rest of his post here (in Bahasa Malaysia)

If you have a facebook account, you can lookup Saniboey and Addy Craddle.

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