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Translation: Di Wajahmu Kulihat Bulan

Perempuan Melayu Terakhir (The Last Malay Woman) movie poster

Perempuan Melayu Terakhir (The Last Malay Woman) movie poster

Maman rearranged and sang this as the title track to OST of the movie Perempuan Melayu Terakhir.  He once said to me that he sang it without  thinking too much about it, he kind of  just let the song flowed naturally. I think it is one of his best vocalisations.

Di Wajahmu Kulihat Bulan
I See the Moonlight in Your Face

I see the moonlight in your face
Peeking from the corner of your brow
Do you realize that you are being gazed upon
By us that thirst for your gentle caress

I see the moonlight in your face
shining down on me to light my dark and agonized heart
Please allow me to seek shelter
Under the beautiful serenity of your splendour

Seems so near and so close within my grasp
My heart would reach out to touch you
Had I been in the clouds

(but) I see the moonlight in your face
Hiding behind a smile
Don’t leave me here all alone
I am waiting for you

IA’s Notes: This is a very difficult transliteration and I hardly do it any justice. The Bahasa Malaysia version was written in a delicately intricate manner in what we term as Bahasa Klasik (classical language) where poetic licence applies.  The literal translation of the title is “I see the moon in your face”, which doesn’t sound quite right in English to I liberally changed it to moonlight. The moon carries a beautiful symbolic meaning in the Malay language and culture – beauty,  grace, serenity and perhaps, more importantly especially in the context of this song, inaccessibility and loneliness  i.e. something that is way beyond the grasp of mere mortals.

Di Wajahmu Kulihat Bulan

Di wajahmu kulihat bulan
Yang mengintai di sudut kerlingan
Sadarkah tuan kau ditatap insan
Yang haus akan belaian

Di wajahmu kulihat bulan
Menerangi hati gelap rawan
Biarlah daku mencari naungan
Di wajah damai rupawan

Serasa tiada jauh dan mudah digapai tangan
Ingin hati menjangkau kiranya tinggi di awan

Di wajahmu kulihat bulan
Bersembunyi di balik senyuman
Jangan biarkan ku tiada berkawan
Hamba menanti kan tuan

See and listen to the the song here on metacafe in its original version by Sam Saimun.

The video below is an instrumental live version by Jari, performed at the Keroncong Royal Concert in 2007


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Translation: Kaulah Jiwaku

The video is a live version of Kaulah Jiwaku  taken in a rooftop concert about 10 years ago.

Kaulah Jiwa Ku
You’re My Soul

If the bridge that I have to cross
Is only as wide as a strand of your hair
I’d cross it
As long as I could
Be in your loving embrace, my love

If the bridge that I have to cross
Is as frail as the rainbow
I’d cross it
As long as I could
Salve the pain of missing you that envelopes my heart
Because without you
I am just an empty shell
Petrified and listless
I am just an empty shell
Because you’re my soul

The world and everything in it
I will give them up
As long as I could
See the twinkle in your eyes once again

All my heart and soul
I will give them up
As long as you could
Be here in my arms, always

IA’s Notes: I have never paid much attention to this song simply because I don’t  have the Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu album and the video version that I have is grainy and pitchy. But while doing the transliteration I am taken aback by its simplicity and depth. The Bahasa Malaysia version of the lyric is very moving and I hope I’m able to convey some of that feelings in the translated lyrics.

Kaulah (Jiwa Ku)

Titian sehalus rambutmu
Sanggup ku lintasi
Asalkan ku bisa
Mengecapi dakapan asmaramu sayang

Jambatan serapuh pelangi
Akan ku seberangi
Asalkan ku bisa
Mengubati perasaan rindu yang mencengkam
Kerana tanpamu
Aku bagai patung
Kaku tidak bermaya
Aku bagai patung
Kerana kau(lah) jiwaku

Dunia bersama isinya
Relaku pertaruhkan
Asalkan ku bisa
Menjamahi sekali kerdipan bersamamu

Seluruh jiwa dan ragaku
Akan ku pertaruhkan
Asalkan kau bisa
Menjelma dalam pelukanku selalu

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Translation: Masihkah Ada Harapan

Masihkah Ada Harapan
Is There Still Hope

A ray of sunlight shines
After the thunderstom passes
A ray of moonlight shimmers
After the day ends

But I am still here
Still waiting and searching
For the morning sun to light the way
After the rain falls so unexpectedly

Is there still hope for me to stand tall
Is there still hope for me to keep running
After it takes control of my soul

Masihkah Ada Harapan

Ada sinar mentari
Setelah hujan ribut melanda
Ada sinar rembulan
Setelah berlalunya hari

Tapi aku masih disini
Masih menanti dan mencari
Mentari pagi untuk menerangi
Setelah dibasahi hujan yang tak kudugai

Masihkah ada harapan untuk ku berdiri
Masihkah ada harapan untuk ku berlari
Setelah ia menguasai jiwa ini… ooo

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Translation: Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu

Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu
Some Day Some Time

You’re the perfumed incense
You’re the love that shines
While I am still dreaming
Still searching for reality

Would it be possible for us to be together
Some day some time
I want to make all  your  dreams come true*
My promises aren’t just words
This melody I wrote
Was not meant to make you cry
or to make you sad
Hopefully some day

Though time ebbs and flows
Day after day
My  journey will not end
Lost at sea
Meanings locked deep inside
No matter where I’d be
You’ll be here in my heart.

IA’s Notes: *the line “Ingin ku bina istana untukmu” literally  means I want to build you a palace, which is a colloquial expression used the describe wanting to achieve the impossible, or making a grand gesture to make the recipient happy. I transliterate it into “making all your dreams come true”, which works better in the context of the song.

Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu

Kau kasturi wangi
Kau kasih penyeri
Sedang aku masih bermimpi
Masih lagi mencari realiti

Dapatkah kiranya kita bersatu
Di suatu hari, di suatu waktu
Ingin ku bina istana untukmu*
Janji-janji ku bukan penghias kata
Bukan ku cipta melodi ini
Untuk kau menangis
Untuk kau bersedih
Moga di suatu hari

Walau waktu berubah
Silih berganti
Akan aku teruskan perjalanan ini
Hanyut di pelayaran mengunci erti
Walaupun dimana kau tetap di hati

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Lyrics: I Wrote This Song

I Wrote This Song

I wrote this pretty song
Just to tell you how I feel
Won’t you believe me now coz my words are real
I can’t stand being lonely
I’ve been missin’ you too long
This distances between me you that always make me cry

I wrote this pretty song
Just to tell you how I feel
Won’t you believe me now coz my words are real
I want to give all my love to you
But the world won’t understand
Turn on, receive me now let me be your man

Though I can see there’s so many things
That’s against us but I’m just holding on
But I guess that’s a part of love
Which we got to be strong
Got to fight
This feelin’ could be stronger

Come with me and take my hand
We’ll face tomorrow no matter where we’ve stand
With wills and directions
We’ll find our way
We’ll never stop tryin’ until we are there

I hope I could try and mend your broken sorrow
Or I will just be the sun to shine tomorrow
Or I’ll just be a laze in the darkness
And walk you through this darkness in our heart

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Lyrics: Without You

See the live version video here. For the downloadable MP3 version of that live performance click here.

Without You

The rain is falling down and I wonder why
You and I never saw things thru’
The wind it’s howling and it calls out your name
Or it’s just me, myself cryin’
Remembering the letters that we used to write
In a time when we were truly you and I
But the years of takin’ this on different roads
And all that’s changing

And it’s over
All the running I have done
It’ time to tell you that
Like the magic of the sun that slowly rises
Through the mountains in the east
Where we were meant to be
But my life’s empty without you

In my dream we walked on an empty beach
Counting the stars they’re so out of reach
Hand in hand we make tracks in the sand
In time with the tide the waves are bringing

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Translation: Seringkali


Always, I am lost in the shadows
This feelings break away and fly free even though
I picture you in my dreams

This man always wants to be with you
Remembering the wonderful times that I had with you
Am I still in your heart?

This journey is far from being over
But whenever that is, I will persevere
Even though the roads are paved with thorns

I will bring your love with me always
I will never let it fall by the wayside
And what I wanted to say in this song is this
As proof of my love for you
So  that you’d understand

It’s only you that I love
It’s only with you that my hope rests
To the pinnacles of desire
I want to be there only with you

Though the picture of you that I have in my mind
The one that I always gaze at
becomes a drawing, here in my soul

Seringkali – BM Lyrics

Seringkali, aku hanyut dalam bayangan
Berterbangan perasaan ini… walau
Kau ku gambarkan dalam lamunan

Diri ini selalu ingin bersamamu
Bila ku terkenang kemesraan bersamamu sayang
Masihkah aku di hatimu

Masih jauh rasanya perjalanan ini
Bilakah masanya harus jua aku kecapi
Walau ranjau penuh berduri

Akan ku bawa cintamu bersama selalu
Tak akan kubiarkan ia tersisih dari perasaan ini
Dan ingin ku luahkan dalam lagu ini
Sebagai bukti cintaku
agar kau terus mengerti

Hanya kau yang ku cinta
Hanya kau yang ku harapkan
Ke puncak asmara
Ingin kita kecapi bersama

Walau gambaran yang ku gambarkan
Yang seringkali, ku renungkan
Menjadi lukisan di jiwaku

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