All movies and MP3s are ipod compatible as well as with most MP3 players in the market. Storage and file sharing facility are provided by 4Shared, high-quality free online file hosting and sharing services.


  1. Warisan Wanita Terakhir: MP3 (Eh…Keras Tu version)
  2. Malas: MP3 (Eh…Keras Tu version)
  3. Kasih Kupinjam Wajahmu: MP3 (Layar Lara OST version)
  4. Seringkali: MP3 (Layar Lara OST version)
  5. Cinta Kita: MP3 (Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu version)
  6. Without You: ‘Live’ MP3, Movie
  7. Keluhan Rasa: ‘Live’ MP3, Movie
  8. Di Wajahmu Kulihat Bulan: MP3
  9. Layar Lara: MP3 (Layar Lara OST version)


  1. Warna Kasih live acoustic


  1. Promise Her The Moon – live acoustic
  2. I Hung My Head – live acoustic
Ijah’s Disclaimer and Privacy Policy applies, please read to know permissible term of use for all downloadable content. Downloads made available in this entire blog have received expressed permission from originators; all copyright and  IPs of the originators are restored. For more information, please befriend Maman on Facebook by clicking this link: Maman on Facebook.

7 responses to “Downloads

  1. Anna

    I really love your version of Diwajahmu Kulihat Bulan. Been searching for it for ages. I have Hetty’s and Bing Slamet’s rendition, but I think yours is the best.

  2. salam bro….

    mana sy nak dptkan lg Layar Lara ek? jenuh dah mencari ni… if u got the mp3, can i request it to be linked here? salam bro..

  3. Syed

    macam Naim Jon.. sy juga nak tanye ada link utk lagu layar lara tak..? kalau ada boleh letak kat sini tak.. pleazzz..

  4. Guys, nanti diusahakan ok? Sit tight.

  5. huraira

    mane nk dpt lagu2 dlm album suatu hari suatu waktu????ssh nk cr lg laa..

  6. dosx

    can upload video/mp3 Beramal Mesra di Hari Raya?

  7. muslim

    minat ngan teachers pet…tapi tak ade lagu (dakap kan ku ke syurga)ke….

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